WBC 2016 Tournament Rules

Bitterwoods Tournament Rules

Overview:  The following are rules governing the format of the tournament scenario for Bitter Woods.  Bidding is introduced to allow some degree of flexibility in choosing sides while the German army artillery is added to help balance the six-turn scenario.  Unless both players agree otherwise, in advance, the rules of the game are those found in the Compass “Designer Bitter Woods” edition.

Scenario and Side Selection:  The tournament scenario is either the 6-turn or the 8-turn scenario as identified in the Bitter Woods rule book.  By mutual agreement, players can select the scenario and sides to be played.  If they don’t agree, then the lower AREA ranked player can choose the side OR the scenario he wishes to play and his opponent can choose the other.

German Army Artillery:  Only applicable in the six-turn scenario.  The Germans get the three army artillery units as described in 37.1.  Important:  37.2 is NOT in effect.

Additional Random Events:  The following are automatically in effect for all tournament games.

  • At the start of the 17AM turn, a random event roll is made.  Consult the 17AM Random Events table in the rule book.
  • At the start of the 19AM turn, both players roll two dice.  If they roll the same total, consult the 19AM Random Events table in the rule book.

Official Tournament Errata:

  1. Reserve Designation may be done at any point during the phasing player’s turn.  On 17AM only, German Reserve Designation must occur before a Skorzeny sneak occurs.
  2. Unaccompanied leaders are automatically eliminated when adjacent to any enemy mech or non-mech units.
  3. Pieper Alternative breakdown units always have a ZOC in the hex they occupy.
  4. When multiple valid retreat paths exist, the retreating player must select one that has the retreating unit ending on a supply road.