The DBW Ladder

Bitter Woods Play by Electronic Mail Ladder

1. Introduction:  The ladder is a ranked list of players.  Each player engages in a match against an ‘adjacent’ player.  Winners advance halfway up the list while defeated players drop halfway down the list.  The person at the top is the “King of the Ladder”.

2. Game masters: Bruno Sinigaglio (GM), Tom Gregorio (Asst.), Bob Ryan (Asst.), Ed Witkowski (Asst.)

3. Objective:  The first and foremost objective of this ladder is to promote playing BWD in a competitive but friendly manner.  Gentlemanly behavior and
good manners are expected at all times.

4. Administration:  The Game masters are responsible for administering the event and addressing issues that come up in individual matches.  A Game
master may not address issues that come up in his own match.

5. AREA. The results of all matches will be submitted to AREA for ranking.

Ladder Format and Details

1. Each ladder match shall consist of one campaign game of BWD.

2. Each round lasts about one year and new players may join in at any time as long as there is a match outcome reported before the start of the next

3. The Ladder bginning in April 2014 will be referred to as the The 2014 Ladder.

  1. New participants will be added to the bottom of the ladder in the order in which the Game master receives their request to join the ladder.5. The ladder position table lists the rankings, opponent match-ups, and match outcomes.

    6. The winner of the ‘top rung’ game of the ladder will become the Defending Champion and the loser will move down the ladder.

    7. A loser moves half way down the ladder.  For example, in an event with 20 people, the loser of the championship match will begin the round ranked as #11.

    8. A participant may withdraw at the end of a round in which case all other participants below the vacated spot move up one position on the ladder

    9. Any participant who drops out or otherwise doesn’t start their match at the appointed time will be seeded at the bottom of the ladder.  Seeding is
    as follows: Winners, Losers, New Entries, Late Start Winners, Late Start Losers.

    Deluxe Bitter Woods Campaign Game Scenario

    1. The game to be played is “Bitter Woods Deluxe, 4th Edition” by L2 Design Group.  The 4th Edition DBW Rules Sections 1 through 35 and the Peiper
    Variant (Section 36) are in effect.

    2. Determining Victory:  The victory conditions for the campaign game as described in the BWD rule book (Section 17) will be used.  Exception: A Draw
    is considered a win for the Allied player and a loss for the German player. As a result, if The Victory Level Shift for eliminated units (Section 17.6),
    results in a Draw, this will be a win for the Allied player and a loss for the German player.

    3. Other DBW Rules:  Each pair of BWD players is free to adopt and use any other applicable Campaign Game rules or Variants as long as both players
    agree in advance. The possibilities include German Army Artillery (section 37.1 and/or 37.2), Additional Random Events (Players Handbook) and the
    Southern Shoulder Alternative (Players Handbook and Section 41).

    4. Choosing Sides:  The lower ranked player has the choice of sides. Rankings are based on AREA ratings. Unrated players are assigned an Area
    rating of 5000 and automatically get their choice of side.  If two unranked players play, the person who signed up to the ladder first gets the choice.

    5. Before the start of the game, the Allied Player must receive the location of the hidden fuel dumps from the GM.