POG Tourney May 2017 Update

Inline image 3As Spring Blooms Fade, Summer Beckons:  More than half of our 54 matches in Round 2 are now complete with game decisions now streaming in.  The bad news is that, starting with this round, we will start losing participants as they get credited with their second loss.  The good news, albeit only somewhat related, comes to us from GMT – activities aimed at printing a SIXTH edition are underway!

POG Sixth Edition Teaser highlights:
    • A double sided deluxe map will be provided.  One side will be the classic Mark Simonitch map while the other will feature a new map from Terry Leeds.  The key thing to note is that, for the first time, tourney players will have a map that will support the Historical Scenario in terms of VP spaces and deployments.
    • Core cards and counters will be updated AND include the optional cards and counters provided in the Players’ Guide.
    • Rules, charts, and playing aides will be updated to include errata and clarifications from the past few years.
    • Sign up for your copy here.  (Map shown below is for illustrative purposes only, it’s still being actively revised.)

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Eliminator Update:  In order to accommodate late arriving recruits in Round 2, we matched them up with individuals, known as eliminators, who’d already won their matches.  The outcomes would not impact the eliminators’ tourney standings but the newcomer would have to win to advance in the event.  By virtue of having taken on the role of an eliminator in such a match, and winning, John Sutcliffe earns the sobriquet of “The Executioner” for his dispatch of Ken Campbell.  Paul Hubbard also is playing in an elimination match versus Matt Johnson but it is not clear yet as to which of them was ‘carrying the axe’ when they mounted the gallows stage.

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Early Exits:  It is with great sorrow that I announce the names of those who have been knocked out the tournament by virtue of having lost in the first two rounds (or lost in Round 2 after choosing to skip Round 1):  Fred, Mike F., Gilbert, JDG, Levent, Jean Louis, Ken C., Gerard, Kevin L., Neil, Chris C., George, Forrest, and Marc.  They fought hard and we will remember them well; they won’t be alone for long.

Game pace:  We have a little more than five weeks left.  If you’ve reached turn 15 you’re likely to finish; otherwise you’ll need to press hard.  Below is an accounting of where folks are in their open games as of April 30th.  In round 2 the GMs are going to increase the adjudication penalty for players taking more than their share of the game clock.  There will be no time extensions!Inline image 1

April’s Puzzle:  Last month we asked you to make some decisions with your GM hats on.  Unfortunately, judging by the fact that no one got all three right, and we only got two responses, it appears that folks are more interested in playing games than moderating games.  Kudos to Matt J. for at least getting two of the three questions correct.

    1.  The first question was about supply warnings:  Can Ivangorod be put out of supply on turn 1 without a supply warning?  Yes, supply warnings are only mandated when driven by movement; when it takes a combat advance, no warning need be given.

    2.  The second question pertained to an incorrectly specified battle that the defender still resolved but he then subsequently adjusted the odds.  Is a redo called for?  Yes, the defender can not unilaterally roll the dice and then change the odds.

    3.  The third question related to both players incorrectly assessing the VP count and wondering what recourse there was to redress the situation.  The GM perspective is:  Tough luck, keep playing and try to capture as many VPs as you can.

    May Puzzle:  It’s your 6th CP action round of turn 2 of the Historical Scenario.  The war in the east is under control and your near-term strategy is to lock down the West and win the race to Total War.
    • You’ve gotten your War Status to 4 and both sides have played RPs.
    • Your intelligence units, and card counting, tell you that your AP opponent still has Blockade, Severe Weather, and a Russian Reinforcement in hand.
    • You have Falkenhayn, German 10th Army, and Severe Weather.  Entrench has not been played as an event.

    What’s your approach to this round?  No more than three sentences, please, unless you have a truly innovative plan.

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    Other POG News: If there’s any doubInline image 4t as to the global appeal of organized POG play, I’m pleased to mention that the quarter finals of the 6th EU POG Championship, hosted by Casus Belli, kicked off on April 23rd.  This round’s participants included:  John “The Executioner” Sutcliffe, Alberto Ciampichetti, Gerard Burton, Ramon Rentero, Mauro Gasbarroni, Janusz Sokol, Mauro Faina (the Gracious GM for this tournament), and Tom Gregorio.  Remember their names for many of these guys will also be making their mark in this event as well.  This long-running POG event has primarily consisted of EU-based players but in the last few years more and more Yanks have participated.  The event has featured the default out of the box scenario, more details on this event can be found here.

    Tournament Statistics:  This GM must confess to being more than a little surprised by the win balance thus far this round:  The AP has won 22 out of 28 matches!  We still have 26 more match results due but it looks the AP players were a bit inspired this spring.  Time for the remaining CP players to step up.  For those who enjoy numbers, the final tally of participants in this seventh iteration of the BPA POG BPEM tournament was 115 and I’m currently projecting an event completion in the summer of 2019 with the champion having won 7 or 8 matches.  As always, you can keep up with the event on the POG Tournament Page.

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    Tom, Michael, Paul