POG Tourney January 1 2017 Update

We trust you’ve wrapped up 2016 in good form and that, like the GMs, you are looking forward to a Paths of Glory-filled 2017!   More than half of the POG tournament matches have been completed with more than a few significant upsets having already occurred or in the making.  For those wondering about the game balance, 16 wins have been recorded by the AP and 14 by the CP.
Some key things to remember as we wrap up Round 1:
  • The Round 1 completion time is Friday, January 27th, midnight EST.
  • All Round 1 matches need to have results reported to the GMs by the Round 1 completion time.
  • This is a double elimination event so losing your Round 1 match won’t prevent you from playing in Round 2.
Late Joiners:
If you did not participate in Round 1, you may join the tournament in Round 2.  Yes, this will make this a single-elimination event for you but the alternative of not playing at all is far worse.  People entering the tournament in Round 2 will face individuals who lost their Round 1 match.  (Note that you must be a BPA member in good standing at the time you join a BPA PBEM event.)  Feel free to forward this invitation to any POG fanatics – one goal of this event is to broaden the participant pool for organized POG events so newcomers are particularly welcome.  Feel free to reach out to Tom Gregorio if you have any questions about entering the event.
Tournament Advice and Admonitions
  • If you have NOT reached turn 12 you are in dire straits if the game goes the distance, please pick up the pace!
  • If you do NOT plan to participate in Round 2, please inform the GMs promptly.  (This will ensure that we don’t waste time setting you up in a Round 2 match.)
  • Plan on reviewing the Q&A page in late January.  There will be some clarifications and rulings based on events in Round 1, any new rulings will be highlighted.
  • Make sure you’re using the latest Vassal module.  A few folks used an older version and didn’t realize their map did not reflect the VP spaces accurately.
  • Finally, one suggestion to help speed things up when you’re pressed for time:  As the attacker, specify your potential application of losses in your attack orders.
Puzzle Time
December’s Puzzle:  Guy G.  was not the first to respond but he was the first to provide a solution that the GMs thought was right; nicely done!  It boiled down to assessing whether “Playing Italy as the event when when there are no CP units in or within walking distance of Trent, Villach, and Trieste” was more significant than “Playing ANA as the event when there is a clear path to Aleppo.”  There were some strong cases being made that threatening the CP with the loss of the NE was critical but the consensus of the GMs and other respondents was that impeding Italy was more critical.  (Losing Vienna, Trent, and Trieste on the next round would not be pleasant for the CP!)  A very controversial puzzle, even within my own household.
January’s Puzzle:  In celebration of Douglas Haig’s promotion to Field Marshal on January 1st, 1917, we will focus on some English trickery.   This situation is obviously contrived; solving it will require a lot of AP card knowledge, mastery of the combat table, and an ability to plan for, and overcome, atrocious luck.
Objective:  The Orders to FM Haig are clear:  Capture Brussels this turn by any means necessary! 
Background:  You are the AP.  It is your Action Round 6 of Turn 20.
  • You may build your card hand as you see fit excluding those necessary to bring the shown US/FR/BR units into the game.
  • You may choose to assume the play of any events prior to this round.
  • You can play as if you took one (or more) One-OPs in the first five action rounds of this turn.  (You theoretically could have eight cards in your hand at this point.)
  • There are no AP units in the reserve box while the CP has four German corps in the reserve box.
Luck:  Assume that the AP can ONLY roll ones and your CP opponent will ALWAYS roll sixes.  Any CP retreats will be done in a manner that preserves CP control of Brussels.
Solution:  Identify the Strategy Card the AP would play, spaces activated, and combat specifications.  Remember that the ONLY objective is to capture Brussels.

Best Wishes to you and yours for the Holiday Season!
Tom, Michael, Paul, Douglas
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Miscellaneous Tournament Information
  • Game Pace:  30 of 51 matches are now complete.
  • Completion:  Half of the completed games in Round 1 got past Turn 12
  • Bidding:  47% of matches with an AP bid of 1 result in an AP victory.
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Inline image 2
Bid for AP # of Matches Completed Matches Win
0 16 10 70%
1 31 19 47%
2 4 1 0%