POG Series Replay Summary I: Nick Anner vs Tom Drueding


Why a series replay and why now?  Once in awhile you come across a Paths of Glory matchup that you know will be interesting.  One such game was the Round 3 contest between Nick Anner and Tom Drueding in the BPA VII Tournament.  Two of the nicest guys in person, and I speak from knowing them personally, they have well-deserved fierce reputations on the battlefield.  Both of them have won the BPA PBEM POG tournament before; seeing them randomly selected as opponents  seemed like a perfect opportunity to showcase what great play looks like.

A few points are worth mentioning as I put this Series Replay together:

  • Both players are aware and accepting of my documenting their match.
  • The match is being played on ACTS so folks can follow along in “real time”.
  • I am deliberately choosing to lag in documenting their event, I have no desire for my commentary, or that of anyone else, impacting an ongoing match.
  • I’m constantly editing and revising the commentary – don’t get too attached to any material
  • I’m also using this as an opportunity to hone some technical skills – please forgive any cringeworthy presentations of this match.
  • I’m transcribing the ACTS log but imposing my own notation.  (This will preserve the details of the match once the ACTS game is eventually deleted.)

Player Backgrounds:

Nick Anner:   Nick won the WBC 2004 POG event as well as the BPA PBEM VI tournament.  Do not be fooled by his amiable demeanor, when there’s blood in the water it’s usually not his.  One of the most creative players out there, he’ll try to throw you off your game by doing something unexpected, even knowing that the percentages of the play are not in his favor.

Tom Drueding:   Tom’s no slouch when it comes to competitive POG; he won the WBC 2005 event, the BPA III event, and four of the eight WAM POG tournaments.  Having little patience for the niceties, Tom will test you early and often.  If you’re not prepared for attrition, you’ll soon be relegated to the sidelines, wondering how anyone focused on deck clearing can win in the face of relentless attacks.

Commentator Backgrounds:

Tom Gregorio:  The host for this replay, he loves spreading the love for this game.  A habitual also-ran in tournament play he is nonetheless determined to master the skills and acquire the experience necessary to win on any Sunday.

Side Selection:  Tom bid 1 for the AP and Nick accepted.  Supply warnings are in effect.


  • All reserve box notation is being captured.
  • I’m imposing my own standard notation, if for no other reason than it makes sense to me.
  • All place names reflect the Fifth edition spellings.  Some places will be abbreviated, particularly those with hyphens, e.g., BLD, K-P.

Turn 1:  We get a taste of what shrewd play looks like.