POG Series Replay 1: Turn 1

Turn 1:  August 1914

Preview:  And the game is on like Donkey Kong!

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Turn 1 MOs:  AH and None.

Action RoundActionResultsCommentary
CP 1Event - Guns of August
Liege(c):  GE1A vs Brussels, 5A vs 5A

Koblenz(c):  GE2A, GE3A vs Sedan 9A vs 3A
Brussels: DR: 5/1 LF: 4/2
(BEF) retreats to Ostend
GE1A advances into Brussels
Sedan: DR: 6/5 LF: 7/4
FR(c) retreats to Melun
GE2A advances into Sedan
The CP goes for the 36% chance of flipping the BEF. (Accounting for "Withdrawal")
AP 1OPS - French Reinforcements (10th Army)
Antwerp(m): BE1A to Ostend
K-P/Dubno(2c): RU3A, RU8A flank vs Pleve
Tanopol: Flank:1 DR:1/1 LF:1/3
AH3(A) flips and retreats to Uzhgorod, RU3A advances into Tarnopol
AP loses the flank but wins the battle.
CP 2SR - Entrench
AHc from Czernowitz to Konigsberg
AHc from Stanislaw to Uzhgorod
AHc from Timisvar to Szeged
GEc from Insterberg to Munkacs
Get some AH corps out of harm's way while negating some initiative plays.
AP 2RP - British Reinforcements (2nd Army)De rigueur - AP has holes in the ranks to fill.
CP 3Event - LandwehrGE3(A) in Koblenz and GE7(A) in Mulhouse become whole.Taking the shot at the BEF with this in hand becomes much safer.
AP 3OPS - Russian Reinforcements (2 corps)
Valjevo: SB2A to Belgrade via Timisvar
Ivangorod: RU4A attack Tarnow, 3A vs 3A
Tarnopol: DR: 3/3, LF:2/2
RU4A and AH1A flip.
CP 4Event - SUD ArmyAlmost a must-play when Russia is pressuring AH. Key issue is timing and, given that no immediate threats exist, this is the right time.
AP 4OPS - Russian Reinforcements (11th Army)
Belgrade: SB1A, SB2A attack Novi Sad with Putnik, 4A+1 vs 3A, no advance.
Ivangorod: RU4A) attacks Tarnow, 2A vs 1A
Lomza: RU2A to Grodno.
Novi Sad: DR:3/6 LF:3/4 AH5A flips, SB2A replaced by SBc (1,0).
Tarnow: DR: 3/2 LF: 2/1 , AH1(A) replaced by AHc, RB(3,0).
The grinding on AH continues.
CP 5Event - Race to the SeaAn interesting play. This normally indicates an early CP push in the west or a dogged attempt to prune the deck. Ideally this will also be a forcing play.
AP 5SR - Moltke
RUc from RB to Batum (4,0)
BRc from RB to Port Said (0,0)
FRc from Grenoble to Nancy
RUc from Riga to Lublin
FRc to Nancy is always good to reach another defensive column. Also useful for cheap FR MOs. Deferred pressure is also being applied in the NE.
CP 6OPS - Falkenhayn
Koblenz: GE3A to Cambrai
Mulhouse: GE7A to Sedan
Brussels: GE1A to Calais
Tarnow: AHc attacks Ivangorod 1c vs 3A
AHc killed in Tarnow.The AH makes their MO while the Germans lunge forward in the West.
AP 6OPS - British Reinforcements (1st Army)
Odessa: RUc to Batum
Kovno/Grodno: RU1A, RU2A attack Insterberg 6A vs 5A
Nancy: FR1A, FR2A attack Strasbourg 5A vs 9A
Insterberg: DR:3/3, LF:3/3 RU1A and GE8A flip.

Strasbourg: DR: 3/5, LF 3/5 Flip GE6A, FR2A.
Continued attrition on the Germans.

End of Turn Summary

Deck Size (CP/AP):  11/13

Luck Quotient (Current Turn/Cumulative)



End of Turn Commentary

Tom Gregorio:  Good turn for both players, bla-bla-bla.