Patton’s Relief of Bastogne

Patton’s Relief of Bastogne


Tournament Scenario Special Rules

The Patton Relief of Bastogne Scenario will be played as described in the Deluxe Bitter Woods Playbook with the following additions: 5th Panzer Army Spearheads and Patton’s Relief of Bastogne Random Events.

5th Panzer Army Spearheads. The six regiments of the 2nd Panzer and 116th Panzer Divisions have half movement (2 MP) on the German 22AM Turn. Therefore, the game starts with the German 22AM turn instead of the US 22AM turn. Each of the six regiments that move cannot end the turn in a hex row east of the hex row in which the unit started. If the units attack, they attack at full strength. No other German units may move or attack.

Patton’s Relief of Bastogne Random Events. Before the game begins, the German player rolls one die and implements the appropriate Patton’s Relief of Bastogne Random Event.

1 Jagdtigers in the Ardennes. The 653 Jagdtiger begins the game in Houffalize. It may operate freely in the Bastogne – Wiltz Area or move westward.

2 Von Manteuffel convinces Hitler to allow the 9th Panzer Division to assist in the reduction of Bastogne. The 9th Panzer Division, which arrives to join the 5th Panzer Army on the 23AM turn, may operate freely in the Bastogne – Wiltz Area in addition to Panzer Lehr. Of course, the division may move westward, if the German player so chooses.

3 German Artillery Frequency. Army Group B anticipates Hitler’s cancellation of Operation Spatlese. As a result, the ammunition trains that reached the Ardennes on 27AM will now arrive earlier. Starting on the 23AM turn, German Corps Artillery units may use their combat strength twice during each game turn for the rest of the game (i.e., once during each player turn, see DBW Rule 10.1). German Corps Artillery units that move may still not fire offensively on the German combat phase of a game-turn, but they may fire defensively during the Allied combat phase of the same game-turn.

4 The US 5CCR starts in Marche. It is not recalled by Monty and placed into reserve. The 5CCA and 5CCB are placed in reserve and are not available for the scenario.

5 Bastogne Air Supply. The 101st Airborne Division is supplied by air on the 23AM through 26PM turns. All Allied units in or adjacent to Bastogne are in supply on each of these turns as long as one regiment of the 101st Airborne occupies Bastogne. The Allied player loses the use of one air unit for each of the 23AM through 26PM turns as long as one or more regiments of the 101st Airborne remain in play.

6 Operation Bodenplatte. On the 24AM turn, the German player rolls a die after the Allied Interdiction phase. If a six is rolled, Operation Bodenplatte is launched on that turn. If a six is not rolled, the procedure is repeated after the Allied Interdiction phase of each succeeding game turn until a six is rolled – add one from the die roll for each turn after 24AM (e.g., a roll of six would be automatic on the 26PM turn). See the DBW Rules, Random Event # 5, for application.