Paths of Glory – Optional Card Usage

Paths of Glory:  Optional Card Usage

Objective:  Adding in the expansion card first provided in the POG Player’s Guide is believed to be a way to interject new life into Paths of Glory.  New strategies, new tactics, and additional variety will benefit those players who want to play POG but experience something different.

Background:  Based on some discussions and testing at the 2016 World Boardgaming Championships, it was proposed that a preannounced specific substitution of optional cards with cards in the standard POG decks, backed up by competitive game play experience, will support introducing these cards into organized play.

Central Powers Card Substitutions:

CP Mobilization Substitutions:

  • Withdrawal (2 ops)  replaces  wireless intercepts (2 ops)


  • Kaisertreu (3 ops)  replaces Severe Weather (2ops)


Limited War

  • Polish Restoration (3 ops)  replaces  Mata Hari (2 ops)
  • Turk Determination (3 ops)  replaces  Libyan Revolt (3 ops)

Total War

  • Prince Max (4 ops)  replaces  Peace Offensive (4 ops)

NOTE: Card text is to be replaced with “Playable as event when war status 30+, increases War status by 3”  (Historically, Prince Max was tasked with ending the war via a negotiated armistice.)

  • Albrecht (3 ops)  replaces Mustard Gas (2 ops)

Allied Powers Card Substitutions


  • Russian Cavalry (3 ops)  replaces Russian 2 corps (2 ops)
  • Paris Taxis (2 ops)  replaces Putnik (2 ops)

Limited War:

  • Maude (4 ops)  replaces Landships (4 ops)

NOTE: Royal tank corps now can be played without Landships, and since Landships was dual event ops, Great Retreat will now be dual event ops

  • Czech Legion (3 ops)  replaces Cloak and Dagger (2 ops)

Total War:

  • Sixtus Affair (2 ops)  replaces USA 1 corps (2 ops)

NOTE: Sixtus affair can only be played as event prior to turn 16

  • Infuenza (4 ops)  replaces Yanks and Tanks (4 ops)
  • Backs to the Wall (3 ops)  replaces Mine Attack (2 ops)

General Commentary:

  • These substitutions have been carefully selected to preserve overall play balance.
  • Benefits include:  Increasing each players’ decks by 1 OP per deck, eliminate cards that are viewed as ‘less valuable’ or see little usage, and create opportunities for new strategies.


For usage in the POG VII Tournament, both players should indicate in their ACTS log a desire to use the optional cards.  Please then contact your match moderator who will set up a new POG ACTS game that will use the optional cards.

DURING the match, discard or play as an event any of the previously specified cards that that should have been removed.  Draw new cards to replace them, repeat as necessary.

The PBEM and WBC GMs welcome any commentary from players regarding the optional cards and reserve the right to make changes to these rules in subsequent matches with the intent being to enhance clarity and play balance associated with these new cards.