Organized Event Overview

The following items are intended to support the administration and operation of BWD organized events.  The tournament organizers are free to amend this as they see fit but it is strongly recommended that they communicate any event specific rules in advance to all event participants.

1. Participants are encouraged to use a play by email playing aid such as ADC2 or Vassal to transmit unit position data. Players are also
encouraged to set up and use the excellent game map and components for their matches, but for data transmission the unit positions are easily entered
into one of the administrative play aid tools.  If both players are in agreement, play may proceed without using ADC2 or Vassal.

2. The Bitter Woods PBEM is the official procedure for the ladder. Players may deviate from the procedure for convenience, if both agree; however, Game master rulings will revert to the Bitter Woods PBEM procedure and the BWD Default PBEM Error Resolution below for settling disputes. Disputes will be resolved by the Game master and will heavily depend on copies of player correspondence. It is in both parties interest to keep their game e-mails.

3. Dice Server Notes. Both players must be listed on the receipt line of any dice mailing. Keep records. The easiest way to ensure valid mailings is to
use a previous accurate mailing and modify the content as necessary. The Internet die roller available at is
recommended. If you wish to use another, please inform the game master.

4. It is advised that both players agree to a ‘reminder’ period. If a player hasn’t heard from his opponent after that period, and he expects to get
something from him, he should follow up with his opponent again. If he hasn’t heard from him after two reminder periods, he should contact the Game
master. The initial recommendation for the length of the ‘reminder period’ is seven days but this should be confirmed with your opponent.

5. Time Allotment:  Each player is allocated 160 days to complete their match. The first player to exhaust his allotted time is automatically the
loser without regard to his actual situation in the game. Players ‘use up’ their time as follows:

a) When making a move.  (As measured from the time that the opponents turn is complete until the time that a valid move is received by his opponent.

b) Time spent determining the validity of a turn is assigned against the receiving player.

c) Time spent correcting the turn is assigned against the erring player.

6. The defeated player should communicate the match results to the game master. All matches are worth one AREA victory claim.  The Game masters will
report all match results at the end of each ladder round; individual players should not report to AREA the results of BWD ladder matches