Below is some Q&A aimed at addressing some inconsistencies or deficiencies in the printed rules:

  1. Reserve Designation may be done at any point during the phasing player’s turn.  On 17AM only, German Reserve Designation must occur before a Skorzeny sneak occurs.  The sequence of play is changed because it is not enforced in remote play or organized face-to-face play.  Furthermore, unless you’re a glutton for punishment, this is extremely time-wasting because of the extra time a German player would otherwise take planning out his move if he were forced to adhere to the printed sequence of play.
  2. Unaccompanied leaders are automatically eliminated when adjacent to any enemy mech or non-mech units.  The printed rules requires an enemy ZOC, not adjacency, which leads to non-intuitive situations where unaccompanied leaders can be involved in combat or block Meuse bridges.
  3. Pieper Alternative breakdown units always have a ZOC in the hex they occupy.  This eliminates some complex supply and retreat situations where pathing would be traced THROUGH these breakdown units.
  4. When multiple valid retreat paths exist, the retreating player must select one that has the retreating unit ending on a supply road.  This a more straightforward rewording of the third bullet of 9.7 which was added by the developer to prevent ‘road jumping’.
  5. The Example of Play #1 on page 20 is incorrect.  On a D2 result, the US 2/9 defender can also retreat to 1601.  There is no requirement for a retreating unit to ‘stay close’ to a supply road hex that is on the board edge.
  6. The Example of Play #3 on page 20 is incorrect.  On a D4 result, the US 4/12 defender MUST retreat to 2233, 2133, or 2032.  This is a result of the newly added ‘no road jumping’ rule added in 9.7.  (Note that, as printed, example #3 directly contradicts the retreat demonstrated in example #1, consistency with #1 would require a D4 result ending in 2135 or 2034.)