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  1. Tom Stearns

    Just found this site via CSW. I just received my first ever copy of Bitter Woods. A unpunched AH version. I see there is a 2nd edition of the rules floating out there somewhere, but I’m unable to locate a copy to download. Would anyone have a copy that could be posted for download?

    Thanks. Looking forward to learning more about this game and following development of your site.

  2. Tom Gregorio Post author

    Hi Tom,
    The latest rules are available on BWD Online, check out the first submenu item under the “HQ Support” menu bar in the banner. The rules haven’t changed much over the years but it can’t hurt to be using the most recent version!
    Tom G.

      1. Tom Gregorio Post author

        I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “compatible”, Tom. Can you play the AH game using the latest rules? Yes, but bear in mind that additional rules have been added to cover new ‘features’ that didn’t exist in the original AH version. Examples include: Cliffside terrain type, Peiper breakdown variant, and army artillery.


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