German Opening Attacks: Northern Attacks

The initial Northern Attacks are limited by the Monschau Artillery Restriction Rule: Rule 33. The Germans are not allowed to use artillery against Monschau during the 16AM turn. A focus of these attacks is blocking the escape of the 9th and 38th regiments of the 2nd Us Infantry by pinning them east of the Elsenborn-Monschau road.

Attack 1 Hofen: The German 751st regiment of the 326 Volksgrenadier Division, VG is moved to 0805 and the 752nd and 753rd regiments are moved along with the 17th Nebelwerfer, NW are moved to 0905. The German 405th artillery is also used. The attack is 21-10(with the US 406 artillery added), one shift left for Broken terrain, 1-1, with no Die Roll, DR modifiers due to the Improved Position, IP. The optimal roll is a 1, resulting in a D1. A 3 or 4, a Fire Fight, FF or an Engaged, ENG are acceptable, while a 2, 5 or 6, Counter Attack, CA, Suppressed, SU or an A1, Attacker retreats 1 are not acceptable. Note: the Leader Sepp Dietrich can be moved to 0905 and provide a Standfast in case of an A1 result.


Attack 2 The Advance Against Rocherath-Krinkelt: The German 991st regiment of the 277th VG and the 9th NW are moved to 0609. The 48th regiment of the 12th VG and the 4 NW are moved to 0610. The 402nd German artillery is used in this attack. The attack is 32-5, 6-1, one shift left for Forest, 5-1, no DR modifiers due to the IP. All die rolls are optimal, D2 or higher slightly better since German units can advance into Rocherath-Krinkelt and use the road network in the 16PM turn.