Game Replays

Replay Summaries


Campaign Game:  Grant vs Gregorio

This “full game” was played between John Grant and Tom Gregorio in 2001.  Some match commentary is on Consimworld but the game is best reviewed using the dedicated site available from the BWD Online menu.

Tom won the game by exiting sufficient German units off the board on Dec 26th – a tough battle!!  It was a pleasure playing John and, as he was the person who introduced Tom to the game, he’ll always have a place in our memories.  RIP, John Grant.  =(

Addition commentary on this replay is on CSW, here.

Campaign Game:  Heller vs Gregorio

This campaign game was played in 2002 and resulted in a draw after the last turn.  The Germans had numerous opportunities to cross the Meuse but were stymied by Allied airpower and subpar combat results.  The US preserved their army in the midgame and were able to establish a full river length defense once Patton came on board.

Six Turn Scenario:  Heller vs Gregorio

This a match that was hosted on Consimworld between Tom and Randy in the 2013-2014 period.  Tom was determined to demonstrate why the US has a huge edge in PBEM play of this scenario, Randy wanted to show that was not the case.  The results speak for themselves, the Germans were in a deep hole after the US17AM move and conceded after the US17PM turn.


  • There are some nifty things that can be done with Kampfgruppe Peiper, but putting ‘some’ of the breakdown units into reserve is probably not one of them.
  • The Germans can not afford to get tied down with ENG results early on – time is precious!
  • If the US can preserve their forces, they can easily destroy armored spearheads that are surrounded.  That artillery is indeed the “Queen of the Battlefield”!