Examples of Play: Flanking Attack, Combined Arms and ER Bonus

Example 1. Flanking Attack, Combined Arms and ER Bonus



In this example, the 1st SS Panzer Division consisting KG Peiper, the 1st SS PG and the 2nd SS PG Regiments are attacking the 23rd Reg of the 2nd ID. The Attackers have a Flanking Attack because: 1) all the German attacking units are from one mechanized division, 2) they all have an ER of 5 or above and 3) the attack is from three(3) hexes. Note, an attack from 2 non-adjacent would also apply.


In this example, a unit in a Clear or Light Woods hex is being attacked by an armor unit, KG Peiper,which is attacking with an infantry or mechanized infantry unit and an artillery unit, the wefer unit. The attackers have a Combined Arms bonus.


In this example, KG Peiper has an ER of 6 vs an ER 5 for the 23rd Regiment.


The unmodified attack is 31-6, 5-1. Combined Arms bonus is a 1 column shift to the right. Flanking Attack is a -1 Die Roll Modifier, DRM and the ER Bonus is a -1 DRM. The Final attack odds are 6-1, -2 DRM.

Example 2. Coordinated Defense


In this example, the 25th PG Regiment of the 12th SS Panzer Division is being attacked. The initial odds are 26-7, 3-1, 1 shift left for Forest, 2-1. All three regiments of the 12th SS Panzer Division are adjacent to each other, in turn, the attack becomes 2-1 +1 DRM .