Examples of Play: Angriff Advance and Surround Attack

Examples of Play, Part 2

Example 3. Angriff with a follow-on surround.



In this example, an Angriff requires a minimum of a 2-1, with the terrain modifier. In this case, at least a 3-1 is needed. The 2-1 Angriff is a 33% chance roll, however a -1 ER and a -1 Flanking DRMs improve chances. In this example, the Angriff consisted of the 1st and 12th SS PZ, the 2/2 SS Pz reg, a wefer, a 3rd PG regiment and support artillery. Prior to setting up the Angriff, the 501 Abt and a wafer were move to provide the ER and combined arms to the follow-on attack against the 3rd Armor Division. No Allied air was not available for the follow-on, they were interdicting elsewhere and the US 3rd was out of US artillery range, all that was needed for a guarenteed destruction of the 3rd AD was a 2-1 plus a Stuka and Combined Arms.

Example 4. Angriff advance and surround attack result


The result of the Angriff example: The final numbers:

1. 74-23(187 Art support), 3-1, 1 shift left, 2-1, -1 er, -1 flanking, +1 coordinated defense, -1 drm.

2. 50-24, 2-1, Stuka, 3-1, Combined arms, so, @4-1.

The Angriff worked with a 3-1=2 die roll, Adv1, Peiper & Company and the 12/26 SS PG advanced 1.

The die roll against the US 3rd AD at 4-1, was a 1, 1D1.