Event Summary: PREZCON Winter Nationals 2017

PREZCON Winter Nationals 2017
The Bitter Woods players at Prezcon had a great time. 8 players played 13 games including the final.

Starting with>>>Dana Newcomb as the Germans surged his Panzers against Ed Witkowski’s Americans in an 8 turn match, even with a breakthrough at Parkers Crossroads on the 18PM turn and Eupen, the Germans ended short with 3 VPs.

An 8 turn match with Professor Charlie Catania’s German’s opening with a “pro-American” opening against Ed Witkowski’s Americans ended very short on VPs when the Germans couldn’t get any traction.

Mega Sharks, Tom Gregorio (Germans) and Bill Morse (Americans) duked it out in an 8 turn match where Tom had Bill on the ropes and eventually won.

A six turn match had Dana’s panzers rolling through Jeremy Osteen’s heroic Americans. One of the things that makes Bitter Woods so great is that you have to wait for the last turn and last roll. On Dana’s last roll the Germans broke through at Martelange opening the road to Neufchateau and the Germans had their 3rd VP.

Bob Bassin’s Germans blasted through with the Peiper breakout capturing Stavelot and the Fancochamps dump from Dana’s Americans on 17AM turn In a 6 turn match, Dana threw in the white flag.

Long time gaming Buddies Bob Bassin (Germans) and Jeremy O faced off in an 8 turn super battle, ending with a German victory.

The Honorable Johnny Hasay’s Germans won a quick victory in a 6 turn versus Ed’s Americans in a re-re-re-rematch. The American’s sloppy play left the road through Houffalize wide open and the German MEP captured too much to retake…. GRRRRRR.

Dana’s Germans captured Stavelot on the 18pm turn against Judge Jonny in a 6 turn match, Victory to the German’s.

Jeremy’s Germans pounded Ed’s Americans in a 6 turn. EEEK.

Bob’s German’s devastated Ed’s American in an 8 turn match, stopped counting at 7 VPS!!!!

A determination was made to have a one on one semi and final round.

First up, Bob’s Germans vs Jeremy’s Americans. Bob’s very anti-German opening was the beginning of an 8 turn match that had the Germans stalled from the start and handed Jeremy a victory heading into the final.

Dana’s Germans opened up modestly against Ed’s Americans. Badly placed interdiction enabled the Germans to surge towards Malmedy and surround it, next came a 3-1 -2 attack by the 1st and 12th SS Panzers. You guessed it a D3 result, Great Balls Of Fire Fracochamps captured… Ed waved the white flag.

The Final was set 8 turns. Jeremy’s Germans had a soft opening up north. But the German 7th Army had 2 ENGs vs the infantry units. Jeremy’s Americans attempted to block movement in the sector. German units that were not part of the opening attacks managed to cross over and began surrounding of the 9CCA. The Americans brought in the 17 AM southern reinforcements attempting a breakout, those units ended up breaking the 7th Army Garrison. This side skirmish drew German units from a westward surge. eventually the south was cleaned up, Americans surrounded and eliminated. An 18AM breakthrough at Parkers Crossroad(D4 result) was exploited by Panzers in Reserve. The capture of Trois Ponts and Neufchateau on the 19AM turn sealed the deal for the Germans!!! Jeremy Osteen 1st, Dana Newcomb 2nd, Bob Bassin 3rd and Ed witkowski 4th. Some fun facts, 10 German Victories!!!! 7 6 turn and 6 8 turn gaes. Can’t wait for next year. And Yes it didn’t end until 3AM!!!!!

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