Erasing the Bulge Scenario Information

12 Turns: German December 30th to American January 4th


The Bastogne area at the start of the Erasing the Bulge scenario

The Erasing the Bulge scenario is included in the Deluxe Bitter Woods, 4 th Edition Expansion pack. This scenario starts on the German 30AM turn and is concluded on the Allied 4 th PM turn. There are a number of interesting gaming features in this scenario. First and foremost, there are area boundaries which have Order Of Battle, OOB restrictions applied to them, example>> units must remain in areas and in some cases are not activated until certain events occur. In addition, there are Allied Strategic Decisions; the Monty Plan, the Patton Plan and the Ridgeway Plan. These Plans affect the setup of units and apply different restrictions onto these units. Winter weather also has an affect on play, Snow Drifts add one MP to all no road hex movement and road movement is reduced to ½ MP per hex. A 1 column shift to the left is applied to combat and advance after combat is halved. An action packed scenario for seasoned Bitter Woods players. Can the Germans survive?


The Elsenborn area at the start of the Erasing the Bulge Scenario.