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Rules Comparisons

I’m going to use this post to capture rules differences between the L2 version of the game and the Compass edition.  Feel free to post your comments with other rules differences you’ve come across!

  • ZOCs – PA subunits now have ZOCs.  (p. 5)
  • Road jumping – bullet 3 was added to 9.7 to force a retreating unit to retreat to a supply road if that was a viable route.  (p. 8)
  • Retreat restrictions:  9.7.  The restriction against retreating into an enemy occupied hex has been removed in the Compass rules.  Being able to retreat into enemy leader spaces (no ZOC) thus is no longer explicitly illegal.  (p. 8).
  • Peiper Alternative – Item #10 is new, Peiper ER benefit exists regardless of the number of PA units are in the hex.  (p.17)
  • Peiper Alternative – leader rule section, item #6, Peiper can stack with other leaders.  (p. 17)
  • Example of play #1 is wrong.  Hex 1601 is also a valid retreat path. (p. 20)
  • Example of play #3 is wrong.  A D4 result must result in 4/12 ending up on 2032, 2133, or 2233, per bullet 3 of 9.7.  (p. 20)