Battlefield Reports

This page will provide references to game reports and game replays.


Game Replay Summaries:


Six Turn Scenario:  Gregorio vs Heller

This a match that was hosted on Consimworld between Tom and Randy.  Tom was determined to demonstrate why the US has a huge edge in PBEM play of this scenario, Randy wanted to show that was not the case.  The results speak for themselves, the Germans were in a deep hole after the US17AM move and conceded after the US17PM turn.


  • There are some nifty things that can be done with Kampfgruppe Peiper, but putting ‘some’ of the breakdown units into reserve is probably not one of them.
  • The Germans can not afford to get tied down with ENG results early on – time is precious!
  • If the US can preserve their forces, they can easily destroy armored spearheads that are surrounded.  That artillery is indeed the “Queen of the Battlefield”!