AHIKS BoB Tournament



1. Tom Gregorio

2. Randy Heller

3. Bob Ryan

Final Round:

  Tom Gregorio  Defeats  Randy Heller

Fourth Round Matches:

Tom Gregorio (US)  Defeats  Bob Ryan (German)
Randy Heller – Bye

Third Round Results:

Randy Heller  Defeats  Steve Likevich
Tom Gregorio   Defeats  Michael Kaye
Bob Ryan – Bye

Second Round Results:

Randy Heller  Defeats  Brian Laskey
Bob Ryan  Defeats  Bob Haden
Michael Kaye  Defeats  Daniel Tierney
Steve Likevich  Defeats  Chris Roginsky
Tom Gregorio – Bye

First Round Results 
Brian Laskey(U.S.)  Defeats  Eric Seadale(German)
Bob Haden(German) Defeats  Chuck Kaye(U.S.)
Randy Heller(U.S.)  Defeats  Bruno Sinigaglio(German)
Daniel Tierney(U.S.)  Defeats  Nick Frydas(German)
Tom Gregorio(German)  Defeats  Paul Selzer(U.S.)
Bob Ryan(German)  Defeats  Rob Franz(U.S.)
Chris Roginsky(German)  Defeats  Tom Pavy(U.S.)
Steve Likevich(U.S.)  Defeats  Joe Harkins(German)
Michael Kaye(German) Defeats JohnB.GrantJr.(U.S.)

This is an official AHIKS sanctioned single elimination tournament to be played via e-mail. Alternatively, participants may arrange to play their game face-to-face. You must be a member of AHIKS to participate. AHIKS is an international society of mature adults who play historical simulation games by mail. The Kommandeur (K) is the official newsletter of AHIKS. To obtain membership information, contact the society’s secretary, Clyde T. Longest Jr., at BKNFAN@aol.com. The overall winner of this event will receive an engraved plaque. There is no sign-up fee for AHIKS members. You must win your game to advance to the next round of play. Any marketed Battle of the Bulge game may be agreed upon. Yes, that includes such titles as Steve Jackson’s ONE PAGE BULGE and Rand’s HITLER’S LAST GAMBLE. The default game is Avalon Hill’s BITTER WOODS 33. Tournament Scenario, i.e., if your opponent and you cannot agree upon a title, BITTER WOODS must be the choice. No game or scenario may be played that is longer than 8 complete turns (not phases) long. Each player has one week to complete and forward his move to his opponent. Each player may request one delay, of no longer than 3 weeks duration, during play of the game. Any player who violates the time limit is subject to forfeiture at the discretion of the game master.

Each round will last no longer than 6 months. Rounds may end sooner depending on the speed of the players. Players are free to negotiate sides. If not agreed upon, sides are to be determined by a die roll. Whom you played and sides played in previous rounds have no bearing on subsequent rounds.

The Game Master is Randy Heller, who can be reached at RGHeller50@aol.com. Contact him to sign-up for this event. He must be copied for any appropriate die rolls or requests for game delay. The Assistant Game Master is Bob Ryan, contact him at bobmryan@aol.com  The tournament is scheduled to begin 1 April 2000. Hereby listed are the instructions for accessing a computer generated, random die roll generator and designer, Bruno Sinigaglio’s, approved tournament scenario rules for Avalon Hill’s BATTLE OF THE BULGE 1981 edition. These rules must be used should this game be selected.


Send email message to dice@pbm.com

Type in the following:

#P email address of player 1

#P email address of player 2

#S number of sides to the die (usually 6)

#D number of dice for each roll

#R number of die rolls requested

#L number of die rolls printed per line in output

#C comments (this will be printed in the responding message)

#T subject line of returned mail


1. For this particular scenario, the game to be played is Avalon Hill’s BATTLE OF THE BULGE 1981, second edition, Advanced Game, with Optional Rule 36.0 in effect.

2. The game ends at the conclusion of the American 19PM turn.

3. The German wins by accomplishing four of the following:

a. Capture Bastogne

b. Capture Parker’s Crossroads (Hex AA17)

c. Capture Stavelot

d. Capture Trois Ponts

e. Capture Spa

f. Capture Eupen

g. Capture a fuel dump

h. Capture any city on the west board that is east of the Meuse

i. Create a bridgehead across the Ourthe River by capturing one of the following hexes: T26, V23, X22. Note that, for this victory condition to be realized, Bastogne must also be captured.

j. Eliminate 18 or more Allied combat units

k. Have lost 3 or fewer mechanized or artillery class units

4. Barring the above, should the German player capture a Liege hex or exit 3 mechanized class units off of the mapboard from any hex containing a German cross or road hex AA1 or DD1, the game immediately ends with an automatic German victory.

5. Capture is defined as occupying the hex at the end of the American 19PM turn, regardless of supply status.

Automatic Victory. The game ends immediately if: a German combat unit enters a Liege Hex or a Meuse River city hex; or if German combat units occupy two cities on the west board simultaneously; or if three German mechanized units exit the board from hexes AA1, DD1, or from a road hex designated with a German Cross.

AHIKS Members signed-up for this tournament include:

Randy Heller – GM

Bob Ryan – Asst. GM

Eric Seadale

Brian Laskey

John B. Grant Jr.

Daniel Tierney

Joe Harkins

Paul Selzer

Nick Frydas

Bruno Sinigaglio

Chris Roginsky

Tom Pavy

Steve Likevich

Chuck Kaye

Rob Franz

Tom Gregorio

Bob Haden

Mike Kaye